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Silabas is an excellent application with which literacy buffs can breakdown, measure and extract all sorts of information related to the structure of their creations. The app will also help literature students who have to undertake an in-depth analysis of a poem.

The main feature of Silabas is its real time versification of the poems, meaning all the different values are updated as soon as the poem is changed.

Silabas measures the number of syllables, words, synalephas, umlauts and syneresis present in each verse; marks the accents with a blue background; and lets you join or separate synalephas, syneresis and umlauts by double clicking the corresponding field.

Another feature offered by the app is the chance to identify the comma as a caesura (literary a pause), and by doing so, you can hone in on the main focus of the poem.

The poem can also be pasted directly from the clipboard, so you don’t have to copy it by hand.
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